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Stories Behind the Homeless

You may pass them on the streets or in groups drinking or pass by their tents but they all have a story to tell about why they are in the situation. Most stories are full of sadness, anger, abuse, neglect and mental health issues but they also have stories of friendship, sharing, compassion, hope and transformation. The project would be a way of working with clients to enable them to share their stories and to raise awareness about a whole series of issues but also to share stories of people whose lives have been turned around. Gloucester City Mission is a registered charity that has been working with the homeless and marginalised in our city since 2003.

Art Talk 

Using art and crafts to explore people’s stories and journeys through adversity as well as the rich crafting traditions of the Gloucester and the surrounding areas. Art and crafts have been used in therapy and rehabilitation throughout history and Gloucester has its own unique stories to share via art talk. The processes of making and creating is an odyssey all of its own and can help break the stigma of disability and mental health.

Flashback Foods: A People’s History with the Traditional Gloucester Drip 

We will create a collection of written and oral histories of the communities of Gloucester and their relationship with the quintessential ‘Gloucester Drip’. This popular traditional school snack, created by local bakeries, is very much rooted in the local community. We will provide free samples in a High Street setting, and record stories of people’s associations with this item and foods that have a place in their heart. By working closely with Gloucester Mission, who provide hot meals and food for those in need, we hope to drive a conversation around food banks and whose responsibility it falls to, to make sure people have enough to eat.

People are Cities, Cities are People

We have recently been given the custody of 70 years of Gloucester Carnival archived photographs that have been in storage at Guild Hall for many years. We are interested in reigniting the collection by uncovering the people and stories behind the images. Our initial aim is to work with the local community through a series of interactive workshops to begin exploring Gloucester’s histories. Following that, we’d like to display the images and collected stories in an ongoing exhibition programme, in hope to encourage greater dialogue with people and place, both past and present. A core ethos is to create accessible art spaces to inspire meaningful conversations and practices.

Monument Moments

Monument Moments’ will be a hybrid digital and physical project. It will use animation to give people spontaneous moments to engage with the quirky history in Hillfield Gardens. A ‘treasure trail’ of QR codes will engage visitors with the architectural monuments. The QR codes will take visitors to a series of GIF animations on the Voices Gloucester website that bring the story of the spaces to life. The project will connect with families and children, as well as teenagers and young adults, who visit the Gardens at different times of day.

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